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Hijab Cosplay as Luffy One Piece

29 Apr

Since Luffy has simple outfit and I have Luffy’s hat. 😄😄😄 Btw, I’m in Subang-Malaysia to attend the first hijab cosplay event Malaysia. Pretty cool!
After that, I spent holiday with my loved one… This is our second time in Malaysia as husband and wife. 😘

Malaysia, 29 April 2017

Chibi Ranran


365 Page Book #Page 10: Family Days Out

10 Jan

Page 10

Tomorrow, my sister’s birthday and we’ll leave to Singapore. Yay! First trip as a family after Lombok vacation maybe 6 years ago. I usually go with my sister or mom. Mostly with my sister.

Today I have so many things to do at office. I haven’t pack my belongings. OMG! I just have one night left because we’ll go in early morning.

Hmm,, what should I give to my sister as a birthday present? Hmm,, a little bit confused. Maybe a kiss? Hahaha!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit Nanyang University to buy university bottle for my collection. Last time when I visited Singapore, I don’t have enough time to visit it. Too bad,,

My father wants to visit Marina Bay Sands while sister wants to visit Universal Studio. Mom maybe just following us since she already visit it many times. For me, I just want to chill out and spend time with my family.

Ah, for tomorrow’s 365 Page Book, I’m not sure I’ll be able to connect the internet. Since I’m stutter technology. Hahaha. Shame on me! (¬_¬͡͡”)

If I can’t connect to internet, I’ll publish it on Sunday when I back to Jakarta.

Okay, have a nice day and nice weekend! Happy family time~ ҉(‾▿‾҉) ҉( ‾▿‾ )҉ (҉‾▿‾)҉

Jakarta, 10 January 2013 (6.55 pm)
Chibi Ranran


Happy Batik Day! ^^

2 Okt

Happy Batik Day! ^^

October 2nd is National Batik Day. Yay!

I just read an article explained about Batik.

Jan Laurens Andries Brandes, a philologist and lexicography from Netherlands, said that Nusantara (Indonesia’s ancient name) has 10 indigenous cultural elements such as:
1. Wayang
2. Gamelan
3. Poetry
4. Metal foundry currency
5. Navigation
6. Astronomy
7. Rice cultivation
8. Irrigation
9. Government, and
10. Batik.

See~ batik is one of the indigenous cultural of Indonesia.

Oh~~ so proud to be Indonesian! \(^o^)/

Have you wear Batik today? Happy Batik day ^^

Jakarta, October 2nd 2012
Chibi Ranran